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Ep92-Son-of-Coach 0

Ep92 – Son of a Coach

Lawhead’s Court welcomes the long awaited call from the podcast’s namesake my dad the Coach, the Legend Jim Lawhead. Dad calls in from cold and snowy Lorain. We chat about his Stand-Up debut opening...

Ep91-Scarlet-And-Great 0

Ep91 – Scarlet and Great

Lawhead’s Court celebrates an Ohio State national championship and remembers where I was in ’03. I update LeBron, the NBA, college basketball, NFL playoffs and how crazy chicks on The Bachelor are hilarious.

Ep90-Rose-Bowl-Tailgate-Legend 0

Ep90 – The Rose Bowl Tailgate Legend

Lawhead’s Court gives a Rest in Power to the great Stuart Scott and how he lived. Jason talks Detroit and Dallas and instant replay game and The Lawhead Life cements himself as The Rose...

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Ep8-mvp 0

Ep8 – Most Valuable Player

What is the most valuable player? Each year the league picks it’s favorite. Sometimes the hit the mark. Other times, the miss and miss bad. In this episode we take a look at the...

Ep10-Nolan-Ryan 0

Ep10 – Memories of Sport

Memories are probably the best thing sports leaves behind. As you get older you make more of them and continue to remember why there are special. We celebrate my producer Rena’s 40th birthday and...

Ep49-Nick-Kostis 0

Ep49 – Nick Kostis

Jason is honored to have Nick Kostis to Lawhead’s Court for an emotionally thoughtful funny walk through an era no longer there. In the first of a series of interviews with the comedy legend,...

Ep66-Get-That-Man-a-Cigar 0

Ep66 – Get That Man a Cigar!

In this episode, Jason discusses the MH-17 airplane being shot out of the sky, the Russians and staying in a healthy place, eating right, no drinking and living life well. Be sure to rate...