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Ep.94 – March Madness

Jason has taken to the All Things Comedy Studio and has expanded to live video podcasting streaming at www.dailymotion.com/allthingscomedy and is excited about bringing back Lawhead’s Court in more ways and we’ll be planning live...

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Ep92 – Son of a Coach

Lawhead’s Court welcomes the long awaited call from the podcast’s namesake my dad the Coach, the Legend Jim Lawhead. Dad calls in from cold and snowy Lorain. We chat about his Stand-Up debut opening...

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Ep91 – Scarlet and Great

Lawhead’s Court celebrates an Ohio State national championship and remembers where I was in ’03. I update LeBron, the NBA, college basketball, NFL playoffs and how crazy chicks on The Bachelor are hilarious.

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Ep63 – I Opt Out

Lawhead’s Court has a decision to make. On the day Lebron opt’s out of his current deal with the Miami, Jason brings more Heat on Lebron by dissecting the man and his methods. Jason...

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Ep25 – Semper Fi

Lawhead’s Court goes to voulunteer its time in The Lawhead Life for the Marine Corps scholarship fund by playing a little golf and telling a few jokes. Mayweather wins and Bieber loses on a...

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Ep16 – Baseball’s been berry good to me

I return to LA after a long road trip of gigs in St. Louis, Cleveland, Buffalo, Chicago and NYC. I got to see what a championship looks like in Chi-Town, eat Meatballs in Little...