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Ep73-Weak-One 0

Ep73 – Weak One

It’s week 1 of the NFL & kind of a weak 1. Lawhead’s Court breaks down the first week match ups and evaluate the Ray Rice situation and how Roger Goodell is perhaps the...

Ep72-Lucky-to-be-Alive 0

Ep72 – Lucky to be Alive

Lawhead’s Court jumps in to week 1 of the NFL and gives a little pre-season predictions, who to look out for and who not too. We talk QB roles in the upcoming season and...

Ep71-Near-Death-in-Nashville 0

Ep71 – Near Death in Nashville

Lawhead’s Court takes to the River and heads to Tennessee for some Lawhead Life and takes a “reprieve” for the weekend. Jason starts by talking a little Johnny Football and Kevin Love and the...

Ep70-54-Years 0

Ep70 – 54 Years

Lawhead’s Court dedicates this podcast to his parents. Mom and Dad celebrate 54 years of wedding bells and Jason tells ya how they’ve done it and how its shaped him. Be sure to rate...

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Ep5-NFL-Draft-Day 0

Ep5 – NFL Draft Day

This week, Jason focuses on the NFL Draft Day. Jason opens the show with Mel Kiper Jr., Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon. In the “From 3″ segment, Jason talks about the top QB picks...

Ep37-j-shuttlesworth 0

Ep37 – Nicknames

Lawhead’s Court reacts to the Duck Dynasty story while Rena reads what Phil Robertson said in her sultry voice & Jason gets disgusted at the NBA putting nicknames on the back of jerseys in...

Ep64-Vegas-Baby 0

Ep64 – Vegas, Baby!

The “All In Tour” hits Vegas and that’s enough said. Listen to a full episode of The Lawhead Life from Sin City. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes. Also, you can find...

Ep47-Moote-Dalton 0

Ep47 – Ryan Dalton & Brian Moote

Ryan Dalton calls in from Cleveland and Seattle comedian now LA based Brian Moote joins me and Rena in studio for a whole lotta talk in Lawhead’s Court. The 3 comics & friends discuss...