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Ep87 – New Kid on The Block with Sean Quinn

Lawhead’s Court joins the All Things Comedy Network on his inaugural episode with ATC. Jason brings in friend and Comic Sean Quinn. Sean is from the city of Brotherly Love and former winner of...

Ep86-Johnny-Foot-Tall 0

Ep86 – Johhny Foot Tall

Lawhead’s Court gets ready for the Johnny Manziel era and covers the expectations & makes predictions. A morning radio character joins the show to chime in with Jason and Mike and we talk dads....

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Ep85 – When the Gettin’s Good

It’s raining in LA but Lawhead’s Court celebrates a little getting it & when the gettins good. Jason and Rena shoot the breeze about how to look at it all in life and career...

Ep84-Melanie-Baldanado 0

Ep84 – Wildcat – Melanie Baldonado

Lawhead’s Court is thankful for a 7-4 record in November and explains why the last win shows a different dedicated approach to Browns football from coaching staff to players on the field, I talk...

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Ep57 – Jimmy Shubert and Ask a fan

Lawhead’s Court welcomes back friend and comedian Jimmy Shubert fresh off a week in Cleveland headlining Hilarities, he talks Draft and Johnny Football with Jason & more. Jimmy tells us about his upcoming appearances...

Ep50-Sober-St-Pattys-Day 0

Ep50 – Sober St. Patty’s Day

Lawhead’s Court celebrates a sober St. Patrick’s Day… kinda. Jason and Rena Marie talk past Patty’s day drunkfests and compare it to being sober of the first one he can remember. Jason explains a...

Ep72-Lucky-to-be-Alive 0

Ep72 – Lucky to be Alive

Lawhead’s Court jumps in to week 1 of the NFL and gives a little pre-season predictions, who to look out for and who not too. We talk QB roles in the upcoming season and...

Ep22-Paul-Virzi 0

Ep22 – Back To School Episode

Lawhead’s Court remembers what it was like to go back to school & how its different for kids today than yesteryear. Guest, friend and comedian Paul Virzi calls in from NYC and talks Little...