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Ep75-Jeter 0

Ep75 – Jeter, Number 2

Lawhead’s Court pays honor to the Captain who did it his way. A Yankee great, far from the greatest Yankee ever but one who exemplified the Pinstripes as true as any who ever dawned...

Ep74-The-Dog-Days 0

Ep74 – The Dog Days

Lawhead’s Court deals with the dog days of the LA heat and delivers his positive outlook on Dog Pound Football in Cleveland. He puts to rest any QB controversy and pleads to Cleveland fans...

Ep73-Weak-One 0

Ep73 – Weak One

It’s week 1 of the NFL & kind of a weak 1. Lawhead’s Court breaks down the first week match ups and evaluate the Ray Rice situation and how Roger Goodell is perhaps the...

Ep72-Lucky-to-be-Alive 0

Ep72 – Lucky to be Alive

Lawhead’s Court jumps in to week 1 of the NFL and gives a little pre-season predictions, who to look out for and who not too. We talk QB roles in the upcoming season and...

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Ep54-NHL-Awaking 0

Ep54 – NHL Awakening w/Jason Peterman

Lawhead’s Court becomes aware of why the NHL is better than the NBA, especially during the playoffs. Jason talks about the difference between the NHL and the NBA. He points out why the NHL...

Ep61-Hells-Kitchen 0

Ep61 – Hell’s Kitchen

Lawhead’s Court returns from New York City. With east coast dates slated for the All In Tour, Jason will be housing up in NYC over the next couple month & doing the Podcast from...

Ep12-Happy-Fathers-Day 0

Ep12 – Golfing on Father’s Day with the NSA

I welcome our new listeners, the NSA. Lawhead’s Court takes a left hand turn by asking if Matt Damon could’ve caught mouth HPV from Michael Douglas behind the Candelabra. The Cinderella Man James J....

Ep59-Nick-Kostis-P2 0

Ep59 – Nick Kostis Part 2

Lawhead’ Court welcomes back, former boss, constant mentor and lifelong friend, Nick Kostis. Nick and Jason reflect on the business of comedy. We learn a lot about a man who runs more than just...