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Ep84-Melanie-Baldanado 0

Ep84 – Wildcat – Melanie Baldonado

Lawhead’s Court is thankful for a 7-4 record in November and explains why the last win shows a different dedicated approach to Browns football from coaching staff to players on the field, I talk...

Ep83-Michael-Kosta 0

Ep83 – Michael Kosta

Lawhead’s Court welcomes the hilarious Michael Kosta to the show. Never mind he was born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI he left all that misery to go on to Illinois for college where...

Ep82-T-Money 0

Ep82 – Tarrell “T-Money” Wright

Lawhead’s Court welcomes Detroit’s own Tarrell Wright aka T-Money. Tarrell who has played star on Tru-Tv’s Storage Hunters is one of the funniest comedians I know. Jason & Tarrell started their friendship 8 years...

Ep81-Fanfare 0

Ep81 – Fanfare

Lawhead’s Court talks Lebron’s first game and Jason voices his concerns with the new Nike commercial & why it truly doesn’t represent the Cleveland fan. We talk Browns & the AFC North. Jason also...

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Ep22-Paul-Virzi 0

Ep22 – Back To School Episode

Lawhead’s Court remembers what it was like to go back to school & how its different for kids today than yesteryear. Guest, friend and comedian Paul Virzi calls in from NYC and talks Little...

Ep23-Brady-Anderson 0

Ep23 – Brady Anderson

Lawhead’s Court is pleased to welcome former major leaguer Brady Anderson. A baseball lifer Brady shares his childhood & learning from his father, favorite players he watched growing up, his first opening day facing...

Ep39-new-years-eve-2014 0

Ep39 – Auld Lang Syne

Lawhead’s Court looks back a on year with grateful results and looks forward to 2014. Jason and Rena share New year’s Eves spent from the past and look forward to this years at the...