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Ep80-The-Return 0

Ep80 – The Return

Lawhead’s Court celebrates Lebron’s return to Cleveland as Jason’s best sports Birthday present ever. Jason talks about other famous sports returns and how this could be the most unique. Jason compares this Cavalier starting...

Ep79-Dylan-Baker 0

Ep79 – Dylan Baker

Lawhead’s Court is honored to have veteran actor from screen and stage in Studio to promote his new movie and directorial debut “ 23 Blast”. A heartfelt true story of a Kentucky born high...

Ep78-Blitzburgh 0

Ep78 – Blitzburgh

Lawhead’s Court celebrates a emphatic Browns win over the hated rival Steelers. Jason talks the Hoyer contract situation & team going forward. Jason also discusses the college football double standard of overrated teams and...

Ep77-Here-We-Go-Brownies 0

Ep77 – Here We Go Brownies

Lawhead’s Court has Browns fever. Jason talks about the Browns’ record breaking road win and how this team is being led. College Football shockers & the first true October Cinderella story. The Lawhead Life...

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Ep26-Cleveland-Municipal-Stadium 0

Ep26 – Singin’ on The Train

Jason tackles week 3 of the NFL with a song in his heart and a ride on the train in the “Open” of this episode of Lawhead’s Court. We rank the 3 best &...

Ep19-Willie-Mays 0

Ep19 – Filner? I hardly know her

The sports of politics opens the show as the San Diego Mayor has a pants party, a party in his pants. Great home run robbing catches, ARod faces life and legacy and Johnny Football...

Ep11-NBA-Finals 0

Ep11 – Summertime & 10 Cent Beer

June has always been among a favorite month of mine and it’s here. We say goodbye to Deacon Jones and put his dominance up against anybody’s, I give my deviled egg recipe and describe...

Ep24-mark-nolan 0

Ep24 – Mile High Memorial w/Mark Nolan

The Lawhead Life hikes the Rocky Mountains and sees Peyton throw 7 TD’s up close & personal in this episode of Lawhead’s Court. LC remembers the passing of a friend who lived #TheLawheadLife too....