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Episode 100 – Artie Lange

Lawhead’s Court celebrates its 100th episode with the great Artie Lange. Artie was cool enough to invite me in his own home the night after opening for him in Upstate New York. We spent...

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Episode 99 – Power Ballin’

Lawhead’s Court gives you a best of from some “lost episodes” from between February and March of last year. Jason still brings you his On This Day & Recipe of the Week 7 free...

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Episode 98 – Beach Cruisin

Lawhead’s Court returns from tour with Bill Burr and the Four Horsemen, Jason celebrates a birthday always ruined by Halloween and gets a Beach Cruiser, Back Massager & Melatonin from his girlfriend. He gets...

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Episode 97 – Part 2 Alexis Guerreros

An unprepared Jason sits down with friend and NYC comic Alexis Guerreros. We talk comedy, food and much more on Alexis’ recent trip out to the West Coast. Eat it up.

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Ep34 – Happy Thanksgiving

Lawhead’s Court says Happy Thanksgiving by remenising with The Network Studios’ voice over & engineer Rena Marie Villano on turkey day traditions that include the history of football and family on episode #34. We...

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Ep56 – Alright, Alright, Alright

Lawhehad’s Court returns after a weekend in Austin. Jason takes a break from watching any real sports over the weekend to enjoy the Texas landscape, visit friends and eat brisket. Jason and Rena Marie...

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Ep80 – The Return

Lawhead’s Court celebrates Lebron’s return to Cleveland as Jason’s best sports Birthday present ever. Jason talks about other famous sports returns and how this could be the most unique. Jason compares this Cavalier starting...

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Ep91 – Scarlet and Great

Lawhead’s Court celebrates an Ohio State national championship and remembers where I was in ’03. I update LeBron, the NBA, college basketball, NFL playoffs and how crazy chicks on The Bachelor are hilarious.