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Episode 100 – Artie Lange

Lawhead’s Court celebrates its 100th episode with the great Artie Lange. Artie was cool enough to invite me in his own home the night after opening for him in Upstate New York. We spent...

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Episode 99 – Power Ballin’

Lawhead’s Court gives you a best of from some “lost episodes” from between February and March of last year. Jason still brings you his On This Day & Recipe of the Week 7 free...

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Episode 98 – Beach Cruisin

Lawhead’s Court returns from tour with Bill Burr and the Four Horsemen, Jason celebrates a birthday always ruined by Halloween and gets a Beach Cruiser, Back Massager & Melatonin from his girlfriend. He gets...

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Episode 97 – Part 2 Alexis Guerreros

An unprepared Jason sits down with friend and NYC comic Alexis Guerreros. We talk comedy, food and much more on Alexis’ recent trip out to the West Coast. Eat it up.

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Ep88 – It’s Showtime!

Lawhead’s Court is back home in Lorain, Ohio this week to headline the Palace Theater… With a stop off in Charlotte first Jason takes in the Browns Panthers game shares his NBA Christmas Day...

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Ep7 – NBA’s Coming Out Party

This week, with the most recent news regarding NBA player Jason Collins revealing that he’s gay, Jason Lawhead talks gay athletes in sports. Jason Collins might be the first NBA athlete to come out,...

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Ep86 – Johhny Foot Tall

Lawhead’s Court gets ready for the Johnny Manziel era and covers the expectations & makes predictions. A morning radio character joins the show to chime in with Jason and Mike and we talk dads....

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Ep75 – Jeter, Number 2

Lawhead’s Court pays honor to the Captain who did it his way. A Yankee great, far from the greatest Yankee ever but one who exemplified the Pinstripes as true as any who ever dawned...